About The Egyptian society of internal medicine ESIM

The Egyptian Society of Internal Medicine pushes the Egyptian Journal of Internal Medicine which is an international publication in the field of Internal Medicine.


The regular monthly scientific meeting, the periodic workshops and the annual congress of Internal medicine have gone strength to strength bringing together internists from all over the country . In partnership with the different medical universities, medical syndicate and health government ESIM will raise the profile of internal medicine and encourage collaborative working for internists across the country

Board members

Prof . Ahmed Fouad Alghobari ,Prof. Sherif Nageb MD,Prof. Amal Fathy Radwan ,Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud Ghareb

Prof . Ahmed Fouad


Prof. Sherif Nageb MD

Vice President

Prof. Amal Fathy Radwan

General secretary

Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud Ghareb


Dr . Ahmed Hyshmat

Board members

Prof . Kamel Hyshmat

Board members

Prof. Mona Ahmed Amin Soliman

Board members

Prof. Ahmed Hashym Morad

Board members

Prof. Afaf Hemeda

Board members

Prof. Lamia Esmail Ahmed

Board members

Prof. Salah Alghazali Harb

Board members

Prof .Manal Muhammed Abdel Menaiem

Board members

Prof .Muhammed Maraae Makhlof

Board members


    Welcome to the Egyptian Society of Internal Medicine. We are delighted that you're joining us and hopefully your membership will be up to your expectations. As a member, you will be automatically invited to our scientific meetings, workshops, seminars, case discussions and conferences. Our society started on 1981 and comprises national, regional and international members. Along this long journey, our society played a great role in upgrading the scientific level of its members